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Fashion jewelry advice and trends. See what's new in cosume jewelry and find links to some of the best jewelry sources on the Web.
Top Picks - Heart Pendants and Necklaces Are a Way to Say I Love You
Heart jewelry is an all time favorite, and the large variety of heart jewelry that's available makes it possible to find something special for every woman, no matter what her tastes in jewelry. Start here if you're looking for a special heart pendant necklace, one that says "I love you."

Summer and Fall Jewelry Trends
Neutral and earthy colored clothing remains a fashionable look for summer and fall, 2005, and the jewelry industry will offer some nice looks to brighten up the neutral tones. Here are some of the jewelry trends you can expect to see this summer and fall.

Handcrafted Beaded Watches
Beaded watches are unique and affordable. Choose a few beaded watch bracelets that will work with your favorite outfits. Here are my Top Picks from around the Web.

Gemstone Dangle Earrings - Top Picks from About Jewelry
There are plenty of stunning dangle earrings to choose from in this collection. A wide variety of gemstones and styles are represented, from boldly colored dangles to decorative drops in pastel hues.

Stretching Your Earlobe Piercings – Gauging Up Your Pierced Earlobes
It’s trendy right now to wear pierced earrings fashioned with thick, decorative posts and rings. Even if your earlobes were pierced to a more “standard” size, you can use these techniques to gradually stretch the holes using a process that’s often referred to as gauging.

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