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Diamond Guide - Enhanced Diamonds

A collection of information about diamond treatments that can be used to enhance a diamond's appearance. Read which diamond treatments are permanent and which ones are not, and find out which diamond treatments can affect the stone's durability.
Diamond Treatments - Clarity Enhancements
Clarity is one of the terms you'll hear when you shop for an engagement ring. Before you choose a diamond, it's important to understand what clarity is and how it can be manipulated.

Improving Diamond Color
Diamond suppliers have developed color treatments that turn ho-hum diamonds into the show-stoppers that the public demands. But like other diamond treatments, only some types of color enhancements are permanent.

Diamond Laser Inscription
The trendiest romantics are proving their love by writing it in stone. Diamond inscription gives ems the ultimate personal touch, but it has practical uses, too.

How To Evaluate Diamond Clarity
Clarity is a term used to describe the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond or other gemstone. A perfect stone with perfect clarity (clearness) is rare, and most flaws that do exist in jewelry grade diamonds cannot be seen without looking at stones through a jeweler's magnifying loupe.


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