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How To Choose an Engagement Ring

Diamond rings are the number one engagement ring choice, but other gemstones are gaining popularity with brides to be. Use the advice here to select the perfect antique or new engagement ring.

5 Best Ways to Make a Diamond Look Larger
Did you know that there are many ways to make a diamond appear larger than it actually is? It all depends on your choice of cut, shape, and setting. Here are five ways to buy a diamond that looks larger than its true carat weight.

Diamonds & Engagement Rings, Step by Step
A step-by-step approach to diamond education and engagement ring selection. Includes photos.

Engagement Ring Advice for Guys
Don't be offended, but men really are clueless sometimes about their girlfriends' favorite jewelry styles. It doesn't have to be that way! Use these techniques to analyze her tastes in jewelry and you're on your way to buying an engagement ring she'll love almost as much as she loves you.

Engagement Rings - Choose Your Favorite Diamond Shape
Shopping for an engagement ring can be overwhelming if you go unprepared, because there are so many important decisions to make in order to get the "right" engagement ring. Choosing a diamond shape is one of those critical issues, and this visual tour of the popular diamond shapes preps you for the neverending number of engagement ring designs you'll see when you go shopping.

Find a Diamond Anniversary Ring
A quick way to find wedding anniversary rings by price category. Links to a wide selection of anniversary rings.

A Tour Through the World of Fancy Color Diamonds
Take this tour through the world of fancy color diamonds and I guarantee you'll come away with a colorful diamond on your wish list. The tour includes plenty of photos, details about the special Four C's of fancy colored diamonds, pricing details, fancy color diamond FAQ, and a section all about pink diamonds.

Fancy Color Diamonds - What Gives Them Their Color?
There's an entire rainbow of vividly colored diamonds in yellows, reds, pinks, blues, greens, purples, and colors in-between. Find out where their colors originate.

How to Select and Use a Jewelry Loupe
Even beginners can use a jewelry loupe, also called a magnifier, to view gemstones and jewelry up-close. Here's some advice to help you choose a loupe and learn to use it, plus a few tips about what you can expect to see as you look through the magnifier's lens.

How To Clean Your Diamond Ring
Learn safe and effective methods you can use to clean your diamond engagement ring and other diamond rings. Clean your diamonds with care so that your diamond jewelry will look as gorgeous as it did the first day you saw it.

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