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Top 5 Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry Watches

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Beaded jewelry watches are unique and affordable and let you wear a functional item with some style! So make a fashion statement--go bold one day and feminine the next. Choose a few, or several, beaded watch bracelets that enhancee your favorite outfits. Here's a selection of unique and attractive beaded jewelry watches from around the Web.

1) On Mommy's Watch

The Mommy's watch has space for you to personalize it with up to four names spelled out in sterling silver, but it's not just for moms. Put your own name on a band, the name of your significant other, or commemorate a date or place. Sterling silver and gold filled beads enhanced by Australian crystals or your choice of other components. The watch faces are stainless steel.

2) Lampwork Watches by Toby Design

Toby's lampwork bracelet watches are not only attractive, they look comfortable, especially the designs crafted with lentil shaped lampwork beads (round beads that have been somewhat flattened). The watch faces look fantastic with the Bali beads she uses to enhance the bracelets. A plus: the dots on round beads are small and closely spaced--and that means more comfort when you're wearing the bracelet.

3) Beaded Gemstone & Glass Watches

A1 Custom Jewelry offers a variety of hancrafted, beaded watches. Some feature pearls, others glass beads or semi precious gemstones. Choose one or two-stranded bracelets for your watch. The watch faces have silver plated fronts and are stainless on the back.

4) Design Your Watch, then Let Beth VanDyne Craft It

Start with the watch face you like then move through the screens to select colors and theme components for your own special beaded watch. You control the overall look of the watch and bracelet, but Beth VanDyne gives it a one-of-a-kind style. Very nice!

5) Beaded Watches from SW Creations

SW Creations offers a wide assortment of handcrafted, beaded watches. You'll find watch bracelets fashioned from glass beads and from semi precious stones, all mixed with sterling silver beads. Lots of styles, from delicate to bold.

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