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Summer and Fall Jewelry Trends for 2005

Natural Materials and Ethnic Styles Add Flavor to Your Summer & Fall Wardrobes

Summer and fall fashions are continuing along the neutral and pale-colored trend we've seen during the past year. Jewelry manufacturers are ready for the look, offering plenty of options to help you either spice up your colors in a big way or blend with the neutrals for a more subdued appearance.

Think bold, random and asymmetrical this year. Go for big, brightly colored beads in long strands that drape around your neck, or pick shorter necklaces made with an assortment of bead sizes and styles.

Slip some bangles around your wrist and don't worry if they don't "match." Try metal bangles stacked on either side of brassy-looking versions--or mix them with colors that reveal your own style.

Rings are bold too. Put away your narrow band with a gemstone on top and try a wide band made from natural materials or from chunks of molten glass.

Forzieri's ring assortment gives you an excellent preview of the possibilites. 

Gems of different shades can be combined to really splash the color. You might see different types of big and bold cuts that help reveal the intensity of stones. Opaque gemstones are a good choice too and work well with natural components.

2005 Jewelry Overview

Earthy Colors and Materials

You'll find an increase in jewelry made from woods, stone and shells this year. These organic components are a good choice when you want to add color and visual texture to your ensemble.

Metals Are Big

Brassy and vintage-looking metals are everywhere in the form of bracelets, beads, chains and other jewelry. Bracelets might be hammered or adorned with vintage-looking motifs. Try mixing your metal jewelry with jewelry made from earthy materials and brightly colored gemstones.

Ethnic Jewelry

Ethnic jewelry includes African inspired jewelry and accessories and jewelry styles that are associated with other specific locations. Mediterranean styles are popular, especially jewelry with a vintage look. Beachy looking jewelry--made from shells, pearls and pale gems, is another hit for summer and fall.

Many styles of ethnic jewelry are made from natural materials so they're a perfect match for current trends. Explore the ethnic jewelry on For antique jewelry try Black Dog Antiques.

Turquoise and Other Semi-Precious Gems

Turquoise and coral remain popular and you'll see a growing demand for jewelry made with colorful pearls, another organic.

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