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Why The Three Stone Diamond Ring Is So Popular And Desirable

All women would like a three stone ring from her partner. The three stone ring was designed by the De Beers Jewelry Company and became an instant classic, setting the jewelry industry on its ear. The three stones signify the message of love to the recipient.

The first stone often smaller signifies past love. The middle and large stone represents present love and the smaller third stone is for future love. Who would not want a beautiful classic ring? They can be altered to make them more personal using different stones instead of diamonds. You can use the birthstones of the couple with the smaller stones and leave the larger one a diamond. It can be as special and personal as the individual who will own it.

This ring can be changed to fit any occasion. It can be used as an engagement ring or for an anniversary present. Because it has a classic simple design it can be incorporated into a wedding set quite easily. Birthdays and Christmas are other occasions to give the three stone ring for those who can't wait until a special anniversary or romantic holiday.

When using the three stone ring as an engagement ring there are several options to turn it into a lovely wedding set. Because the center stone is set higher than the other two it is possible to use a plain band to accompany it. Another option is a wedding band with a channel set of stones the same size as the two smaller stones in the engagement ring. This type of band can really highlight the beauty of the engagement ring. The groom's ring can also be a band with three matching stones in the same pattern.

Usually men don't like a large flashy ring with protruding stones that can be caught on things. The cost of one of these rings can very well depend on the type of stones used and the setting. A plain silver band with small traditional round cut diamonds will cost less than one with a white gold or platinum band and large stones.

The first thing before buying a ring is to determine the price range you are willing to spend. Many jewelers will try to get you to upgrade to more expensive settings and stones, but you have to stick to your guns or your gesture of love could be a real budget breaker. Every couple has a past they want to celebrate because it has brought them to a wonderful present time and when celebrating the present, there is always a hope for the future. The three stone ring is a perfect symbol of these three periods in a relationship.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as why diamonds are forever at


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