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New Ways of Shopping with StumbleUponcom

These days with the bevy of online stores it is a big problem with finding quality shopping sites on the internet. Is where to begin your search for quality sites? tries to solve this problem. In some ways it is like search engine but in reality it is even better because the members list the shopping sites they like the best, and offer reviews of these sites.

In other words, on, if you are looking to shop online in an easy manner, there is a category just for shopping. There are many other topic categories too. But if you pick shopping, the stumbled pages shown to you are just for shopping.

This is the strength of You are shown sites only in your preferences categories.

You are shown sites deemed as popular by others. And then if the sites you are shown are popular with you, you give it a "thumbs up" from the tool bar and the site gets even more popular. It is much more directed than trying to quality shopping resources with traditional search engine sites. And have you ever wanted to find a different kind of gift but have not a clue of what words to type into a search engine? Stumbleupon.

com works similar to when a person wants to watch television yet wants to watch a different sort of show. So what do they do? They channel surf of course. And that's how it is with You just keep clicking the stumble button and see the next shopping site, and the next, and the next.

However you should not just keep clicking without rating it. It is also good if you rate the page as you go with a thumb up or thumb down in order to improve upon the pages fed to the site and to make sure they are the first ones that show up to those in your friends group. A great feature of is the toolbar.

It is very easy and quick to install. It gives you a toolbar on either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer where you can stumble page by page with only the click of one button. Plus, if you are interested in more than shopping, you can select among your other favorite categories from the toolbar. You can do other sorts of Stumbleupon administrative functions from the toolbar too.

So what if you have your own great site online shopping site that you want others to stumble on? Just pull up your website and click on the thumbs up button on the toolbar. A popup window will appear and you can describe and rate it. Then, the other members on will get a look at your site when they start surfing with the stumble button and hopefully give it the thumbs up too.

If anything, you will be able to quickly gauge the popularity of your own product and this is very valuable information. It's a revolution in "window" shopping.

You can find additional resources for Stumbleupon at, and why not check out one of their pages dedicated to lingerie shopping at Lingerie Shoppers web site reviews and blog .


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