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What Is A Laser Hair Removal Center

A laser hair removal center is a place that offers you the services of the hi-tech laser hair removal equipment. Here you can say goodbye to the daily, weekly or monthly hassles of removing hair. You no longer have to bear the agony of hair being ripped out of your skin during waxing or the messy inconvenience of chemical depilatories. Laser hair removal as offered at a center removes hair in a painless and virtually permanent manner.

How is hair removed? Lasers are directed at the hair follicles until they have absorbed as much laser energy as possible and then die. The science behind this treatment is simple; dark colors absorb light energy while lighter ones reflect it. Thus while the darker hair follicle is affected by the laser beams the lighter skin is not. Therefore light skin with darker hair is ideal for laser hair removal. However darker skin tones can also benefit from this treatment by bleaching the area before removal.

While this is a fairly painless process with the discomfort caused easily taken care of by applying ice to the affected area, a mild antiseptic may also be applied. How long will it take to have hair removed? The amount of time spent on a single sitting will depend on the amount of area that needs to be covered. Thus removing hair from the eyebrows will take less time as compared to the legs or he arms. Usually a minimum of three sittings at the laser hair removal center are required. This is because at a time only three fourths of a person's hair grows.

So to ensure that all the hair from a region is removed you need to have at least three sittings spaced apart by a month each time. How is a center different from a clinic? You say 'to-may-to', I say 'to-mah-to' etc. That is about the only difference between the two. Like a clinic a center is run under the supervision of a qualified medical practitioner.

In fact most states in America require that laser equipment be used by doctors and qualified staff only. The hair removal technology at a laser hair removal center is approved by the FDA. Risks to consider There is minimal risk in having removed at a laser hair removal center as you are assured that you are in competent and qualified hands. Temporary discoloration of skin is seen in occasional cases. It is important to follow the doctor's advice and instruction to minimize risk of skin damage after the hair removal. Protection from the sun's harsh rays is vital and a sunscreen of SPF 15 or more must be used.

Tanning should not be done during the time period that you are going to the center and should be avoided till such time as your doctor tells you it is okay. Costof the Service The pricing differs from center to center and is also dependent on the cosmetic surgeon. Furthermore the cost would be dependent on the number of sittings required and the amount of area from which the hair has to be removed.

Usually a single sitting costs about $100 - $500. In comparison with the costs of traditional ways of hair removal it is higher, but remember that it is a painless process that frees you of the hassle of regularly removing unwanted hair. In addition it is important to note that the procedure is performed by and under the able guidance of a doctor.

Owen Walcher is a freelance writer, writing laser hair removal articles such as Laser Hair Removal Center You can find more laser hair removal articles here:


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