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Understanding Clarks Shoes

The shoe business is a brutal business. There are hundreds of different shoe makers and literally thousands of different types of shoes available to choose from. It's often difficult to find the right kind of shoes, and many people choose a show brand based on the commercials that they see rather than on how good the shoes really are. Clarks shoes are made by the world-renowned Clarks Company; a company that doesn't settle for just having a good name, they make sure that their shoes earn the right to be called the best. History of Clarks The Clarks Company was founded in 1825 by two enterprising brothers who wanted to make money selling shoes.

It wasn't until much later, however, than an ancestor of theirs, Lance Clark, discovered that he could make shoes much more comfortable if he designed the shoe to work with the foot instead of against it. Lance created a moccasin-like shoe that he named Clarks Wallabees, and history was made. Clarks Shoes Now The shoes manufactured by the Clarks company now are all made to be just as comfortable, and to have just as much support, as the Clarks Wallbees do. Clarks men's line is especially nice, because they have designed shoes for every occasion, with each one providing the same comfort and quality that the company has become known for. For comfortable, every day shoes, look no further than the Clarks Men's Air Mover. This walking shoe is made with quality materials and is designed to insure that, no matter how much walking you have to do, your foot will remain comfortable.

It is a prime example of the high quality and attention to detail that goes into all Clarks shoes. For a dressier shoe, the Bostonian collection is where it's at. There is a large variety of different styles of the Bostonian shoes, but each one has the same amount of cushioning and comfort that Clarks shoes are known for. The Asby is a handsome oxford shoe that has an Ortohlite insert for added comfort, which makes this the perfect casual dress shoe for every day work. The perfect Clarks shoes for a formal dress occasion would be the Bach.

This shoe has a full leather upper and the classic cap toe design. It also includes the 2-Pod comfort technology directly under the heel for extra support and cushioning. On the other end of the scale we have the Clarks men's Bravo shoe. This shoe is a slip on, making it ideal for cold winter months, and has a full-grain leather upper in order to insure that your feet will keep both cool and dry, no matter what the season. The dual instep goring makes sure that the Bravo has a secure and comfortable fit. Clarks shoes are not made by just any shoe company; they are made by Clarks, the leader in style and comfort in both men's and women's shoes.

No matter which style of shoes you're looking for, look to Clarks., a site dedicated to high quality and comfort shoes like Clarks Wallabees.


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