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Trying a Right Hand Diamond Ring

This jewelry item is part social statement and is mainly addressed to our century's independent and strong business women. The jewelry represents success, freedom, strength and independence while being such a fashionable accessory. This product is thought out to bring new life into this ages old love symbol of love. It is not just another ring that you simply put on your right hand, it has a very specific design. The design for right hand diamond rings means to express the difference between them and traditional diamond rings. The right hand rings include smaller gems instead of a single larger stone and by using open spaces, negates all resemblances to the old style diamond rings.

Designs may very so much from one model to another because of the new elements that are added so that each one can express the personality and self assertiveness of the wearer. They can also be fitted with diamonds of various shapes like oval and heart shaped diamonds, various sizes and materials like white gold, yellow gold, platinum and titanium to make the diamond ring really unique. Right Hand Diamond Ring The right hand diamond ring proposes a new approach by using a marketing strategy that addresses both to women and men at the same time. For the independent women, the ring that she wears on the right hand expresses new feminist conceptions by stressing the woman's need for independence. This is a symbolical impulse that the women that sometimes find themselves in the roles of housewives can do so much more with their lives.

The idea was that even if you are not married, as a strong and independent woman, you will strengthen your position of leadership at the side of men by wearing a diamond ring. As a new wave feminist symbol, wearing left hand rings stands for the hardships that come along with a marriage, while the right hand represents all the joys and fulfillments that life brings. Men also represent a large part of the targeted public for the right hand diamond rings. Men who love and appreciate their wives are encouraged to buy these rings are gifts that add new meaning to the present.

The gift will no longer be a more or less affordable accessory but a very strong statement for value and appreciation to the wife. The best part is that this is a statement that a man can make to his partner without being married yet. This was also used as a symbol by the gay community for many years as a sign of gay couples to manifest their love.

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