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The worlds coolest cars

Since the discovery of the wheel, the art of transportation was revolutionized and in the later years the discovery of the automobile once again transformed the means of commuting in the world. Over the various major innovations have taken place in the sphere of automobile engineering and the progress of science has ensured newer innovations to be carried resulting in new models being developed. The perfect example of what technological development can imply for automobiles can be best explained by the coming to the forefront of smart cars which function by means of artificial intelligence. While technological development is increasing the prospects of the automobile industry by leaps and bounds, there are certain prominent car brands which have established their fame and importance for years and have been more often referred to as 'cool cars'.

One of the foremost among the cool cars is the Aston Martin used by the famous private eye James Bond. The Aston Martin DBS is a premier supercar which is available in striking color hues like green and silver and was famously used by Daniel Craig in the last Bond flick Casino Royale. The latest Aston Martin is provided with a watch which is responsible for unlocking the car and it is to produce the fastest among race cars very soon in the form of the V8 Vantage N400. Two other very famous brands that qualify as cool cars include Porsche and Audi.

The latest version of the Audi is breathtaking in terms of appearance and its specialized music system has amazing sound effects. The multifarious variants of the Porsche like the Porsche Mirage and Porsche Boxter are excellent automobiles and the Boxter is one of the famed sports cars available. Porsche has also recently won the EVO 'car of the year' award. Bentleys are extremely elegant when it comes to appearance and it is said that their striking features make its owner the prey of everyone's envy. One of the coolest cars they are hugely expensive as well. The brand which undoubtedly qualifies in this list of cool cars is definitely the BMW and almost every individual is mesmerized by the BMW and aspires to own one.

They possess excellent mechanical components and function efficiently. Another brand known as Pontiac is considered to be a cool car and it is symbolic of comfort and power which makes it popular among consumers. Ferraris and Jaguars are also very cool cars going by their appearance and functioning efficiency.

donate car to charity and help those in need.


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