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The Process of Surgical Breast Enhancement

Whether you want to improve your self-esteem and image, make your breasts look more developed, put your figure more into proportion or regain a previous body shape (e.g. after pregnancy) breast enhancement is now a highly sought after and popular procedure. Prior to the operation, if it has been approved mutually between you and the surgeon during a visit to the practice, a sports bra that fits well needs to be bought. Mammograms are common to help assess if any changes in body weight are needed to then help aid the post-op recovery process.

Women contemplating having children in the near future should undergo breast augmentation after their families are complete. This allows the inherent breast size fluctuations to be reduced to a minimal level. Someone should be arranged to pick you up after your operation has been conducted, since you will be in no fit state to drive. Smoking, aspirin and some other forms of medication should be discussed during your initial meeting with the surgeon. Advice will be given on when to discontinue and also maybe restart these actions, with safety in mind.

On the day you have surgery the surgeon will initially make a visit to your room in the practice to see how you are coping and answer any questions. Breast enhancement surgery is carried out under general anesthetic and takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. 5cm long cuts are made in the armpit, lower edge of the areola or crease of the breast. Which area will be focused on will be decided upon by your pre-op talks with the surgeon.

After the incision is made with a scalpel what needs to be created is a suitable sized pocket/ space for the implant to rest in. At the moment 2 types of implant are used, silicone or saline. The most popular are the silicone implants since they provide a more natural feel and shape During a pre-op consultation with the surgeon your body shape and size will be considered and used to determine whether these implant spaces will exist below the breast tissue or muscle. When the implants have been successfully placed in their new locations regular or dissolvable stitches will close up the incisions.

Dressings and a sports bra will support and protect your now firm, swollen and tender breasts. If you require it, painkillers in addition to anitbiotics can be administered. Regular stitches will generally be removed in the practice around 7 days after your operation, depending upon what your surgeon suggests will work best. The wearing of a sports bra may need to continue for up to 3 months, all the time worn 24 hours a day! Drainage tubes for the leakage of blood are frequently placed in your breasts, generally removed before you leave the surgery a day after your operation. You will have to organize someone else to do the housework or take care of the kids for at least 1-2 weeks. Time off work may be sensible, depending upon what job it is.

Clerical jobs tend to be fit for resuming after a week, typically. Your surgeon will be able to offer sensible advice with regards to returning to your normal state of affairs during this important recovery period. Around 7-14 days will need to pass, leading up to your first wound check, where you must not engage in any showering or bathing. Sleeping on your back will also be a necessity during the first 2-3 weeks.

A number of future wound checkup dates will be arranged with your surgeon, all of which must be attended. Underwire bras are best avoided until the surgeon agrees they can be worn. Several weeks will need to pass before your breasts begin to settle and adopt a more natural feel and posture.

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