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The Origin Of Baltic Amber Jewelry

While all amber jewelry has made its way into the U.S. popular jewelry culture, Baltic jewelry is just now finding its way onto the U.S. market since everyone has gone wild for amber in general.

Amber is an old gemstone whose name comes from the Greek word 'Ambrosia'; ambrosia referred to food even then, but certainly not to what we now know to be ambrosia. The Greek word means 'food for the gods'; amber was considered to be precious enough to be fed to the gods; what's more, amber is a warm gemstone, in contrast to most other gemstones, which are usually cold to the touch. This was one defining property that made amber not only distinct from the others, but also made it appealing. Baltic amber jewelry is made exclusively from amber harvested out of the region where the highest quality amber is said to be found.

This is the area around the Baltic Sea; high quality Baltic jewelry comes from amber harvested in parts of Germany, Poland and Russia. Amber is a tree resin, only of the spruce tree, which is why amber can only be found in certain geographical regions. A country in which spruce trees would not survive will never be an exporter of Baltic amber jewelry. Long ago, amber was said to have protective and healing properties. For this reason, it was a highly sought gemstone because not only was it impressively striking in its beauty, it could also be worn as a type of guardian totem.

Of course, in today's day and age, some believe that amber has healing properties, and some consider than ancient myth. Either way, Baltic amber jewelry is breathtakingly beautiful. Though amber jewelry can be quite cheap if simulated amber is used to make it, amber jewelry is on the more expensive side. The main difference though is that a diamond necklace that costs $100 will get you an absolutely tiny sliver of a diamond. For the same price, Baltic jewelry will give you a substantial piece of jewelry. An amber necklace that costs $100 is going to be basically all made of amber, instead of being a silver chain with a sliver of amber dangling in the front.

While such necklaces are beautiful, they suit one type of style. This silver necklace with a piece of amber suits a person with a more delicate taste in jewelry whereas your average Baltic amber jewelry is made of large pieces of amber and suits the chunkier jewelry style. This style has been making a serious comeback for quite some time in the U.S.

; bold is the new beautiful, and Baltic amber jewelry is certainly that.

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