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So Youve Found Sedu But What Else Do You Need to Do

It seems that everyone is talking about the latest in Sedu hair styles. Which celebrity has which new style, has it been curled at the ends or does it have a flick to it, is it an "up" style is it flowing freely? All this hype can give women and girls the impression that all their problems with wild, unmanageable hair will be instantly solved with the purchase of Sedu straightening irons. It has to be said by all accounts the Sedu products certainly seem to live up to all the advertising claims, you will find numerous testimonials from both experts and ordinary women alike. However, Sedu straighteners alone will not produce the kind of results seen in photographs of celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez if your hair is not in excellent condition to start with. Many women - and men - may wash their hair frequently but then it all goes wrong.

Although washing will obviously clean the hair and the scalp it does little else. In fact, it removes some of the natural oils produced by the hair follicles which over time will lead to dry, split hair. The next step usually is to blow dry the hair using the hottest setting on the hair dryer again this does the hair more damage than good. It is essential that each time you wash your hair that you use a good conditioner as well, it is quite a good idea to use shampoo and conditioner made by the same manufacturer as they are more likely to compliment each other. There seems to be a great misconception that because a product is very expensive that it must be the best, this is not always true. What is important is that you find and use products which suit your hair type and your budget.

Sedu produce their own product called "SEDU Shine Therapy Heat Protector by Sedu" which protects hair form heat treatments including blow drying, straightening and so on. The advantage of using a conditioner on your hair is that you will be able to comb your hair far more easily afterwards thus causing less damage. Make sure that you use a wide toothed comb when your hair is wet, anything else will cause your hair to break and split and contribute to your problem hair further. There are serums and hot waxes also available which are massaged into your hair and allowed to sit on your hair for a period of time to give deeper conditioning. Stay in conditioners are really good for combing into your hair before using your sedu hot irons. So we have talked about the importance of using commercial hair conditioners but, your scalp produces a natural conditioner in the form of an oily substance which is intended by nature to keep your hair lustrous and in good condition.

So how do we tap into this natural resource? It is easy brush your hair!! Using a wooden brush to massage your scalp and brush your hair perhaps 2 or 3 times a week before going to bed. This helps to increase the blood circulation and improve the performance of the sebaceous glands and you will begin to see a natural gloss on your hair. This unfortunately does not happen overnight it will be 4-6 weeks before any improvement will start to become apparent. Just think not only can you save on expensive treatments to relax your hair at the salon by purchasing Sedu straightening irons but with a bit of time and perseverance you may have no need to purchase hair conditioners either!!.

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