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Scarves Back In Style Again

Before your mother throws any of it out, check into her old clothing stash to see if you might find treasures. Larger silk scarves are all the rage. Recalling the glamorous days of the 1950's, large scarves were worn around the heads of such icons as Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy as they tooled around in classic ragtops.

The artistry and glitz of superb scarves can enhance your wardrobe dramatically. 2008 is the year of the scarf! Light, flowing, airy material that can be tied tightly like it is winter, or in practically any direction that suits your fancy. The whole idea is to be creative by draping both ends of the scarf around the neck, or creating a masterpiece of your own. It is a wonderful way to wear your own personalized fashion statement, and use it as a way of self expression while having fun and looking great.

The most versatile fashion accessory in any closet would have to be a scarf. Whether they are to mask a bad hair day, to warm you on a rainy day, or just to spice up a plain outfit, scarves can be a great addition to any wardrobe. To avoid any fashion faux-pas, try to wear plainer scarves if your outfit is rather loud- after all, clashing is not acceptable. With such a variety of fabrics and styles, scarves can be worn throughout the day and night- celebrities have been seen wearing scarves with everything from athletic gear to formal gowns! Scarves are like everything else, "you get what you pay for". Quality in terms of craftsmanship and fabric cost money.

The classic scarf designers are Chanel and Hermes. You would be fortunate to find a vintage Hermes or Chanel scarf, but it would not be inexpensive. There is a good selection of scarves on and Shopbop.

com. A lot depends on how much you're willing to spend. Because of the cyclical nature of fashion, those gaudy scarves in my mother's dresser drawers could now actually be worth quite a bit of money.

Who knows? You might have a trove of gold waiting to be discovered.

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