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Step One Figure out what type of hair you have. It is normally either oily or dry, hard or easy to manage, straight or curly, color treated or not. Hair gels are available for every type of hair. Step Two Decide what you want to use the gel for. This is a very important detail in picking the best hair gel to fit your needs.

For frizz control or light control, a lower strength gel works fine. For more control and styled hair, use a stronger gel. Step Three Ask others with your hairstyle what type of hair gel they use. Many times department stores carry products that are similar to those in the salon but cost much less.

Beauty supply stores also have competitive prices. Step Four Read the bottles of hair gel to find out what each is used for. Find a gel that meets all of the requirements for your hair and your hairstyle. Tips & Warnings If you don't like the first product you choose, try another gel.

All gels are not alike. Remember to look closely at the gel's bottle and try to match you hair's needs with the gel's abilities. Other product like waxes and sprays are similar to gels. Try to use them in place of a gel.



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