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How Will Genital Psoriasis Affect Me

Genital Psoriasis shows up as red, shiny skin and it does not have the usual silvery scaling associated with other types of Psoriasis, which appears on other parts of the body such as the back. So how does it affect your life? Genital Psoriasis and You The main concern people have when they find out that they have Genital Psoriasis, is that they will have problems sexually. Whilst you may experience some amount of pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, there are ways which can help to make things a little more comfortable.

Men may experience problems with gaining an erection if they have Genital Psoriasis, due to the skin on the penis cracking and bleeding. One thing you can try in order to make sexual intercourse less painful is to get the man to wear a condom. This will limit the skin to skin contact, and therefore the Psoriasis is less likely to be irritated both on the male, and on the female.

It is not possible to pass on Genital Psoriasis, though you should always wash off any medication before attempting sexual intercourse. Afterwards, you should also cleanse the area and reapply the medication. So, whilst the condition may not overly affect your relationship physically, one of the main concerns is generally your emotions. Emotions and Genital Psoriasis The main reason why couples, and singles living with Genital Psoriasis, experience problems is because of their emotional feelings towards the condition.

Some people who have the condition feel guilty and blame themselves for developing it. However, there is no chance that you are responsible for the condition and so there really is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed by it. Psoriasis can develop at any time anywhere on the body, and although you cannot control or prevent the condition, you can treat it. You just have to get over your own personal hang ups on the condition. If you are in a relationship you should make sure that you talk to your partner and let them know how you are feeling.

They will be able to give you support and help you to realize that the condition is not your fault, and it will not affect your relationship. The only thing you should worry about is treating the condition. How to Best Treat Genital Psoriasis The first step in determining which treatment is best for you, you have to consult your doctor. They will develop a treatment regimen which you really do have to follow daily in order to clear up the condition.

Usually, topical treatments are prescribed, but due to the really sensitive nature of the skin in this area, you should be careful as to what is in the treatments. Some treatments include: Elidel and Protopic Medication Many people find that Protopic and Elidel work well to treat their genital Psoriasis. They are both topical immunosuppressants which are prescribed by your doctor and they are usually used to treat Eczema.

However, Eczema and Psoriasis have some of the same symptoms and so these prescription drugs tend to work well for people with Genital Psoriasis too. It is possible that they will cause a little irritation when first used, but generally they help to reduce inflammation and itching. Steroids Low strength topical steroids are often used to treat this condition. As the skin in the genital area tends to be a little more thin and sensitive, it is always best to follow the doctors instructions carefully when it comes to treatments such as Steroids. If you do overuse steroids it can cause permanent damage to the skin by thinning it, and it can also cause stretch marks. Another thing to know about this treatment is that if they are used for prolonged periods of time, the condition can become resistant to it.

Also, as the genital area is moist and warm, it usually leads to increased steroid absorption which in turn, increases the steroids negative side effects. Overall there are a number of treatments you can use to control the condition, but only your doctor can provide you with a safe treatment plan. Genital Psoriasis is not contagious and there is nothing you could have done to prevent it.

All you can do once you have it is to treat it and get the support that you need from both your partner, and your doctor.

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