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How To Make Yourself Look Thin By Just Changing Your Clothes

Have you ever thought about the way you dress? Do you want to look slimmer, more pulled together? There are some key points to dressing for a slimmer looking you! If you are top-heavy, bottom-heavy or just want to look taller and slimmer, keep reading! There are different types of body shapes, but you can learn the secrets of how to accentuate each one of them. If you have a pear-shaped body with rounded thighs, you may feel more bottom-heavy, your hips may be wider than your shoulders. You don't need those extremely loose fitting tops or blouses. You want to: Try tops that are fitted but not tight Look for V-necks, turtlenecks and open collared tops. A blazer that will fall just below the waist will look professional, yet fun. Dark colored bottoms such as black, brown, dark gray, or navy blue are great.

Also, make sure to get straight or boot cut leg pants and jeans. As far as skirts go, try a-line skirts that fall to your knees. No mini skirts or skintight ones if you are bottom-heavy.

Empire style dresses and dresses nipped in at the waist with a slight flare will be most flattering. You may also want to consider strapless or sleeveless dresses; they call the attention upward to the neck, arm and shoulder area. Another common body type is the apple- shape, which is considered a very womanly figure. You are heavier on top, with fuller breasts, a soft middle, narrow hips, and sleek slim legs. You should go for: Boat neck, turtleneck and mock neck tops. Stay away from light or baggy tops.

V-necks and shirt collars that gently graze the body will look best. For the best fit, try woven knits with a little stretch. Don't overdo it with cleavage; showing just a hint is most appealing. For a sexier look, try wearing a lace- trimmed camisole under a top, jacket or blazer.

Never wear puffy or full sleeves. Most women who are heavier on top look great in low-rise, flat-front pants. To hide your stomach, add front pocket jeans.

You can accentuate a flat rear end by wearing jeans with a back pockets. Navy blue and black are very slimming colors for every body type. When you are aiming for taller and slimmer try wearing all one color, then throw on a flash of color or contrast with a cardigan, blazer or possibly an over shirt. Don't button up the blazer or cardigan; it will improve the vertical lines of the outfit. When wearing skirts, remember to always wear longer as opposed to wider. By following the suggestions given here you can dramatically change the way you look just by paying more attention to what you should wear for your body type.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this and affordable women's clothing at


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