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How To Get Your Wedding Band Inscribed With A Personal Message

What is a wedding band? Wedding bands are meant to signify the commitment, love, and future of two people. They are exchanged during the wedding ceremony and create a loving bond between husband and wife. For the past few years, wedding bands inscribed with some special words have been very popular. Throughout history, wedding bands inscribed have been cherished by the recipient, although, until recently, the inscriptions were limited to a wedding date or initials. Today's inscribed wedding bands can contain up to fifty words such as names, quotations, vows, and poetry.

If you are one that has a hard time coming up with the words to describe your feelings for another, there are many choices when it comes to custom-made inscriptions. There are so many options available to you for inscriptions that the only limit is your imagination. Much like the wedding bands you wear, the inscription is forever. It is even possible to put your vows on your wedding rings, specifically religious vows from Indian, Catholic, Muslim, or Hebrew marriage ceremonies.

When you get married it is likely the best day of your life, therefore obtaining an inscription on your wedding rings could commemorate the event perfectly. Again, the only limit is your own imagination, perhaps portions of lyrics from your wedding song could be inscribed on the wedding ring or a special phrase you both share together. Furthermore, you could consider words of humor, expressions of your feelings, or something that signifies a special place or time in your life together. No matter what type of wedding ring you have silver, gold, titanium, or platinum, they can easily be inscribed with a message of your choice. Characters and symbols can be choices of inscription as well. You will have the choice of having your rings laser engraved or hand engraved.

It is recommended that you opt for laser engraving because it is affordable, has intense precision and quality, and after all, the inscription is permanent, therefore, you want it to look perfect. The price of having a wedding band inscribed depends on the ring itself and how many words you intend to place upon it. Generally, you can expect costs to start at about $20 all the way up to more than $100 for engravings. Engraving can usually be done fairly quickly; it is typically finished in about four business days. It is important you find an engraver that will ensure the safe keeping of your wedding rings and maintain your privacy.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about wedding rings as well as Platinum Rings and Jewelry at


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