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How Advances In Technology Have Affected Watches Over The Years

Without a watch faithfully telling people the exact time, many men and women feel naked. While walking down any street, count how many people are wearing watches compared to those without. A watch is the one thing that guarantees you are always on time for any meeting, appointment, or other event. Technology is forever changing. With the advancements in technology, you will discover that watches also come with many interesting new features.

While you can select your watch on appearance alone, it might be nice to select a watch that also offers a unique function that can help you with your daily routine. Despite the advancements in technology, you may be surprised to learn the history of watches. Battery operated watches are not as current as one might think.

In the fourteenth century, watches involved winding the motorized mechanism every day. Batteries were not used. Forgetting to wind the clock meant you would have to reset the time. Watches in the fourteenth century worked off a spring, oscillator, dial, watch hands, and gears. The watch battery was not used until the 1960s.

The popular watchmaker, Bulova, came up with a transistor oscillator that ran off the juice of a battery. Many found this new design to be easier to use, though it still posed many troublesome issues. To run off battery power, the timing element on a watch had to be redesigned in order to fit in the necessary battery. Quartz crystals had been used in computers and radio equipment for years, so they were tested in watches and found to be excellent at keeping accurate time. With this troublesome issue resolved, manufacturers could produce watches with quartz timing. When heated, quartz produces an electric charge.

This charge creates the movement needed to turn the mechanisms that help keep proper time. The quartz is carved into the shape of a tuning fork. The fork shaped crystal gives off a mild frequency that vibrates the other components causing them to move. One problem with quartz tuning is that no dust, dirt, or oils from hands can get on the crystal or it will fail to work effectively.

It is essential that you not touch the inner mechanisms of your watch to keep it running efficiently. The frequency emitted by the crystal can also power the circuits on a digital watch. Digital watches are increasingly popular due to their range of styles and colors.

The watches appeal to young and old alike. With ever changing advancements in watch technology, who knows what may be powering watches in years to come. Water, solar, even air could become potential power options for your wrist timepiece. The limits are endless. Therefore, be on the look out for new forms of time keeping in the near future!.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as Fossil Watches at


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