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Dont Use Topless Sandals As Bandaid

These things called topless sandals are so cool! They stay on the bottom of your feet like magic, when I first purchased them I never thought they would work this well. I was flabbergasted at how great they felt, it's like walking on a nice fluffy carpet, only stickier! The Sandals are made from a water based adhesive that sticks to your feet! You may not know this but your feet are nasty; make sure you have clean feet when you put on your topless sandals. In time, you will need to clean your sandals from the crud and oils from your repulsive feet! Just scrub with some dish soap or GermX, rinse with water. The sticky comes right back! We have a bad fly infestation at our house.

My girlfriend tried using my sandals as a fly trap, unfortunately they did not work. So I do not recommend these sandals as a fly catcher. It's made of a different sort of adhesive that comes off clean The adhesive sticks like a band-aid.

NOTE: DO NOT USE AS A BAND-AID! The glue on the sandals is transparent so that you can see the cloth design under it, which I think is pretty stupid because your foot is covering the whole sandal anyway. These Topless Sandals are a perfect novelty gift at such a great price. We have given them to friends, teachers, and family members for birthdays and special occasions. also has foot jewelry, and if I was a woman I would really enjoy the Tierra anklet and Toe rings! These Sandals can help people with foot pain and blisters on the top of their feet. If a foot injury prevents you from wearing shoes, you can wear the topless sandals with socks! But if you have a foot injury to the bottom of your foot you should not wear the topless sandals because it could aggravate the problem. I have walked through dew in my topless sandals and slight rain and they have stayed on perfectly fine. Don't jump in a river with your sandals, or they will come off. You just need to remember to not submerge your sandals under water.

I know this is contradictory, but if you are going swimming dip your sandals in the water, the chlorine causes the adhesive to work even better! While you may not want to wear these shoes in the shower; they are still so much fun and feel great. Take care of them and enjoy this great warm weather keeping your feet cool, tan, happy, free, bare and safe. For the best prices and selection, go to

Go Topless with Topless Sandals.


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