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DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER------Generally, people around the globe are in agreement on this statement. The diamonds are one of the true wonders of nature, and are a glittering gift to people to enjoy, revel in and treasure. The diamond is stunningly beautiful and the hardest material, both as natural substance and man-made substance.

White, blue or black diamond is more than a glittering piece to enliven and adorns womens and mens jewelry.

The diamonds are also used in many industrial and technology set ups. They are basic part in industrial cutting blades, which are used in manufacturing and construction. Diamonds are also used to help assure the precise movements of timing devices, such as watches and computer clocking devices. There is even plan to incorporate diamonds into computer circuitry.

One of the most important aspects of the diamonds is the prism affect and the way they transform the light that passes through them. They seem to sparkle with an inner light flashing mesmerizing colors.

Indeed, the diamonds are expression of wealth, abundance, strength and power.

The diamonds are in fact a form of carbon, a chemical element found in many other common natural items. Other types of carbon are gypsum, graphite and fluorite, to name a few.

The difference between the strength and dazzle of diamonds and other forms of carbons is just the formation of the atoms and how they are arranged in the different types of carbon. It is the extreme pressure and intense heat that actually forms the diamonds and makes them the hardest material found on the earth.
The largest diamond that has ever been found was the Cullinan Diamond, which was found in a mine located in South Africa, in 1905.

The weight of the diamond was 621 grams when extracted. This equals 3,106 carats, or more than six kilograms.

This stone was later cut into nine separate pieces; the largest was named the Star of Africa weighing 550 carats. The Star of Africa is currently mounted as the centerpiece of the British Royal Scepter and is secured in the Tower of London, as part of the Royal British Crown Jewel collection.

About 80 per cent of all diamonds excavated are not of high quality to be shaped, polished and set into jewelry pieces.

The diamond that makes its way through the inspection, cutting, polishing and re-inspection process will have undergone many steps and phases before it becomes part of a piece of finest diamond jewelry.


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