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Cosmetic Surgery Is Being Embraced By African Americans

Cosmetic surgery often produces images of the white, blonde bombshell, an amalgamation of a certain popular doll we all know. But the variety of plastic surgery procedures available today makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of gender or ethnicity. In fact, more and more procedures are being tailored specifically to address the needs of a wider range of people.

Many people who seek improvement in their physical appearance, especially those with an ethnic background such as African Americans, do not want to lose ethnic identity, what makes them unique. But losing your identity is not what cosmetic surgery is necessarily about. Its about improving on your pre-existing beauty, increasing self-esteem, and becoming more comfortable with your body image.

One reason that plastic surgeons feel African Americans have shed away from the trend is that, they have a greater tendency to develop keloid scars. Keloids are scars that become raised and have irregular shapes that puff out beyond normal scarring boundaries. Although it can occur in a person of any ethnicity, African Americans, particularly men, are genetically more prone to this condition. Fortunately, new incision techniques help reduce the risk of developing keloids. In addition, if you already suffer from keloid, scarring from previous injuries or surgery, cosmetic procedures can help remove them. Although there is a slight chance, they will reform later on.

Breast reduction is another procedure gaining popularity within the African American community. It is one of the few cosmetic surgeries that many health insurance policies cover, and it often leads to an improved quality of life and physical health. Very large breasts can cause physical as well as social discomfort. Many women suffer from chronic back pain and limit themselves in the physical activities they can partake in. Breast reduction will not only create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also, it can alleviate pain and emotional distress.

Laser hair removal and skin treatments have long been available only to light-skinned patients.

New technology allows for even the darkest-skinned patients to have successful experiences and excellent results with laser procedures. In the past, lasers could burn and create visible scars on tanned skin. Ingrown hairs, which are often a problem with African American men who shave regularly, are also easily treatable.

Sometimes surgery is used to preserve or intensify ethnic specific attributes. It is not uncommon for an African American patient to undergo surgery in order to alter a nose that doesnt fit his or her facial features, or to use fillers in order to plump lips.

Cosmetic surgery does not change people beyond recognition, but rather can be a tool to solve problems such as keloid scarring and uneven skin pigmentation, or it can be used to enhance natural beauty. Many plastic surgeons specialize in assisting specific ethnicities and addressing issues and concerns that are unique to them. Proper research, reasonable expectations, and a healthy body image can help and guide you in deciding if plastic surgery is an option available to you.

The new transformed image would give you a new you with increased self confidence but people would recognize you as same as before.


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