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Color Contact Lenses for Dark Eyes Lenses That Truly Work on Brown Eyes

Many people with brown eyes dream of having blue or green eyes, and with modern color contacts for dark eyes this are quite possible. Not all color lenses work on dark eyes, but some are doing a pretty good job. Find out how to select the lenses that will work for you. Manufacturing color lenses that can really transform brown eyes into emerald green or sky blue is not easy, but modern color contact lenses can do it.

You just need to select your contacts carefully. All color contact lenses can be divided into two groups - enhancement color contacts and opaque color lenses. Enhancers give your eyes a tint of blue, green or gray and are designed to enhance your natural color and make your eyes look brighter. They are partially transparent which creates a natural-looking effect. Unfortunately, enhancement color contact lenses don't work on dark eyes. If a person with brown eyes wears enhancement lenses, they would be either completely invisible or would give only a very light tint that was not enough to change your color.

On the other hand, opaque color contacts were specifically created for brown eyes. The color is not transparent; only the center of the lens is clear, so you can still see. Opaque lenses aren't solid color, of course: high quality lenses consist of a mixture of colors to simulate the natural pattern of a human eye. Realistic color contact lenses for dark eyes The lenses many people find most realistic are Freshlook Colorblends by Ciba Vision.

They look very natural because the base color for each lens is actually a mix of three different shades - just like in real human eye. Each lens is lighter toward the middle becoming darker at the edge and it has pattern imprinted on it. Freshlook Colorblends creates vivid, deep color. Freshlook color contacts are monthly disposable color lenses, which means that you have to replace your lenses once a month.

Most popular colors are Amethyst, True Sapphire and Green. These lenses are great but there is one disadvantage - they are very fragile and easy to tear when you clean them. So be extra careful, when rubbing Freshlook color contacts. Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque by Johnson and Johnson also look natural and feel good in your eyes.

Unlike Freshlook these color lenses are 2 weeks disposable; this is what the number 2 in its name means. They present two very nice shades of blue color contacts - try Sapphire Blue for a vivid color or Deep Blue for a color of deepest ocean water. Deep Blue works best if you have dark hair. Jade Green and Pearl Grey are also very interesting colors.

If you think that grey eyes can't be exciting, try Pearl Grey - their shimmering color will change your mind. If you are after light green or blue color lenses than your best choice would be Illusions by Ciba Vision. These are probably the only lenses that create very naturally looking effect of light eyes. Illusions are not disposable lenses; they are traditional annual replacement contacts. They also cost a bit more than Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors, but they are well worth the price Free trial color contacts Not many people know about it, but color contact lens manufacturers often let you try their lenses for free. You can visit manufacturer website and print a free trial certificate.

Then take this certificate to your optometrist and there you will get your trial pair of color contacts absolutely free. So as you can see, even if you have very dark eyes, you can find color contact lenses that will work for you. Color contacts of high quality feel comfortable and look realistic. Try some, you will love them.

Tatyana Turner is an owner of online contact lens magazine where you can find more reviews of color contacts for dark eyes. We also provide reviews and pictures of no prescription color lenses


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