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Aftershaves Men or women, both take care of their facial appearance. However, women spend huge amounts in maintaining. Men also love to have a soft skin. This is one of the reasons for aftershaves gaining prominence. Aftershaves are not used for its charming flavor, they are mainly opted to smoothen or soften the skin. Aftershaves prevent the skin from hardening owing to regular shaving.

Earlier, alum was commonly used as aftershave material, but now that has replaced with various gels, liquids, pastes and lotions. Today aftershave is a combination of a perfume, moisturizer and an infection deterrent. The need for aftershave has become essential as it possesses antiseptic elements such as alcohol or medicinal components that prevent infection occurred due to a cut while shaving. However careful a person is, one day or the other he is bound to suffer with cuts owing to various reasons such as being unmindful or blunt blades, etc. This is well served using aftershaves as it stops the bleeding and also is an excellent antiseptic.

Aftershave the name itself indicates that it is recommended to be used after shaving. This is a soothing balm and is very essential as due to regular shaving the dryness and irritation increases on the face and using aftershaves keeps the face soft. Aftershaves are available in three forms. The first aftershave is a lotion that is effective but may initially sting when applied and may not be appropriate to all types of skin. The next type of aftershave is the balm type that comforts the irritating skin. The last aftershave form is in the Gel type that alleviates the irritating skin and also relieves from razor burns.

The Gel type of aftershave is found to be comparatively better than all other forms of aftershaves. However, like the saying 'Beauty lies in viewers Eye', every person has a different taste. Some may opt for an aftershave for smell, while few may go on looks. Eventually, the end user has to arrive at a decision regarding the best choice for him.

Aftershaves have flooded the market today and many address based on skin conditions. But it is observed that most men do not pay much attention regarding aftershave specifications. Picking any brand may sometimes turn out to be a wrong product and can do more harm than good.

This is mandatory mainly if your skin is acne-prone. For acne-prone skin it is not sufficient to merely feel refreshed, in fact you should select a gentle aftershave that can make your skin moisturized. Aftershaves to a large extent are available with alcohol base and this is best avoided as it reduces the moisture, making your skin less supple. Aftershaves heal and protect the skin from being stripped away. You can always choose an aftershave that has Menthol as the ingredient as it gives a refreshing cool feeling.

Men suffering with shaving related acne, bumps, razor burns or ingrown hairs should choose a gentle aftershave that will smell nice and protect your skin as well.

Bradley Abert is author of this article on Fragrances. Find more information about Perfume here.


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