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Acne Not Just For Your Face

When people think of acne, they typically think of a person with an outbreak of red, inflamed pores on his or her face. While this is the most common form, it is not the only type of acne people may experience. A variety of causes can create acne on different areas of the body.

As long as pores and hair follicles become clogged with oil, dirt, dust, and other outside particles, they can become irritated, inflamed, and close up, entrapping the particles and causing eruptions or rashes of blackheads and other inflamed cysts. If you happen to find acne like symptoms on areas other than your face and other typical areas you may find acne, do not panic. You may just be experiencing a different type of acne. Check the location of this unexpected acne outbreak and try to figure out the reason behind its appearance.

You can always ask the opinion of a dermatologist and find the appropriate ways of halting the formulation of the acne by means of preventative measures or begin taking medication to aid in eliminating your acne. Acne vulgaris is the most common form of acne. It is often experienced during puberty because of fluctuating hormone levels.

Acne that appears is usually on the face and can spread to areas around the shoulders, chest, and sometimes the back. Though the reason for the acne is internal and not a great deal can be done, you can lessen outbreaks by keeping clean, eating right, getting exercise, and using medication as necessary. Acne rosacea appears as a red rash that occurs primarily on the face. While the cause of this form is unknown, you can try to ease it by using gentle cleansers and sometimes medication can be prescribed. Acne keloidalis nuchae is caused by shaving. A close shave can leave follicles open, irritated, and more susceptible to outside elements.

Men can get this form of acne on their faces and women may find it on their legs and occasionally in their armpits. People commonly refer to this type of acne as razor bumps. Acne conglobata is if you find recurring abscesses around your groin, buttocks, underarms, and for women, under the breasts, you may have this type of acne. Sweat glands and hair follicles in these areas have become inflamed, leading to uncomfortable sores.

Keep these areas clean and use gentle cleansers that do not clog pores. You may require medication also. Acne cosmetica is if you are experiencing acne but are past puberty, do not have any other reasons for hormonal changes, eat right and keep clean, the cause behind this acne is the cosmetics you use. They are getting into your pores and clogging them up, leading to acne. Always be sure to wash your cosmetics off once you do not need them on any longer, and you would do well to switch to different cosmetics altogether. Acne fulminans is an extreme form of acne conglobata.

Seek help from your dermatologist in order to find more aggressive ways of combating this form of acne. Acne medicamentosa. Medications these days have all sorts of side effects. In this case, some medications may cause acne. Because your body adjusts to the medication, even beginning or ending taking a medication can affect your body and lead to acne. Check with a doctor or consult the information about a particular medication if you believe it may be the reason for your acne.

Baby acne. If you are not the one with acne, but have seen a rash on the skin of your baby, either on his or her cheeks, chin, or forehead, do not worry too much, as it is only a mild form of acne that some infants may get. It should clear up on its own, but if you are still concerned, consult your pediatrician. Chloracne.

Being in a position that exposes you to chlorinated hydrocarbons can cause a rash like form of acne. Dioxins or PCBs are good examples of chlorinated hydrocarbons, so if you deal with these two components, you may also be experiencing related acne. The best way to rid yourself of this form is to stop dealing with chlorinated hydrocarbons. If the acne does not clear up on its own, you can opt for medication, but it make take some time to disappear.

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