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A Guide To Lingerie Shopping For Guys

If you want to really impress your lady and make some serious brownie points buying her some intimate lingerie can really do the trick. If you are able to pick out just the right item for her it will show her that you really care about her and she will feel like you are the most romantic guy on the planet, but since we are guys we can also screw it up. I must warn you though that if you go off half cocked that the chances of failure are high and you could end up in the doghouse, or worse! But, if you follow some simple pointers you stand a good chance of reaping the benefits of your purchase, if you get my drift. What's one of the biggest mistakes guys make when buying lingerie? Yeah, we ALWAYS buy it like it is our present, like it is for us.

Well, unless you are a cross dresser you need to lose that attitude right now! You need to think about the person you are buying the lingerie for and try to think of what she likes. If you are close enough to her to be buying her lingerie, you should know what she likes and what style she would like as well as what color to get. Some women like baby doll or teddies and some don't! Don't buy something super skimpy just because you want to see her in it because if she doesn't like it you not only won't see her in it, but you might not see her for awhile! There is a myriad of choices in lingerie on the market today and it seems like the ads are directed at us, some of them will get us in trouble.

If your lady isn't into the street walker look for lingerie you will definitely make her upset if you buy her that type. Again, remember, it's not for you! The next dumb thing we do as guys is to just walk into a lingerie store blind and with no idea on earth what to buy. Do you know what happens then, some sexy little sales clerk is going to sell you the lingerie she likes, and then you are in trouble again! Do you know what colors your lady likes? Do you know her style? Do you know her size? There's a monkey wrench in your plans! That is one thing you better get right for sure. If you get something to big, you will get, "You think I'm that big!" and if you get something to small, "I'm too fat, I can't wear this", either way you have lost! I hate to say it, but you have to be sneaky. If you don't know her size then it's panty raid time. Wait until she isn't around and go through her drawers, and get an idea of what she likes and her size.

She will be so surprised when you give her something that she wanted for herself.

Gregg Hall is a consultant for online and offline businesses and lives in Navarre Florida. Shop for sexy lingerie at


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